Grüner Veltliner 2016

Bright strawy yellow, aromas of ripe yellow fruit, spicy aroma, On the palate delicate, hints of ripe tropical fruit. Elegant drupe note with harmonious acidity, mineraly, piquantly and animating.

Hand picking on September 26th, pre-selection in the vineyard, additional selection on the sorting belt, short maceration , gentle pressing, spontaneous fermentation, bottling on 22nd January 2016.

Vol. Alc. 13,0 | RZ 1,0 | Säure 7,0

38 -year-old vines on pure loess soil with water-permeable clay layers create ideal conditions for this sort of vine. The cool wind (usually from the northwest ) ensures the fine texture and the mostly exotic aroma of this wine.

Does anyone need 'Grüner Veltliner' from the thermal region? No not truly. There are plenty of other areas in Austria, busy with this topic every year.
However, what few know is, that Grüner Veltliner until recently, was the most widespreaded sort of the thermal region and travel mountain. We therefore continue and our results show, that not only love and passion indicate, that we are on the right way.

Pinot Noir Goldberg 2013

Strong ruby garnet, violet reflections, wider brightening on the edge. Fine red wildberries, a touch of raspberry pulp, accompanied by sour cherry and cherry and a delicate aroma of spicy herbals. Delicatly floral cherry fruit and orange zest .
Juicy, complex, red berry nuances, subtle acidity bow, well-integrated tannins, delicate nougat nuances and fine minerality in the finish.

Hand picking in September 29th to October 1st, 2013. Pre-selection in the vineyard, additional selection on the sorting belt, processing according to the principle of gravity, 24 days spontaneous fermentation in open wooden vats, storage in small oak barrels , bottling October 10th, 2015 .

Vol. Alc. 13,5 | RZ 1,0 | Säure 5,1

Goldberg is the only significant elevation in the southern Vienna Basin in Reisenberg in the thermal region. Here thrive the up to 24-year-old vines on the south-east facing terraces on silt with aquiferous layers of clay. The soil is heavily traversed by lime- and iron-sediments. Through continuous cool wind , the grapes are also cooled in the warm season.

The ‚Goldberg‘ is particularly close to our hearts because it is the playground of our childhood.
That we may use this area now, to produce our wines, is our great pleasure.

Pinot Noir Zwergsberg 2013

Strong ruby garnet with violet reflections , wider brightening on the edge . Inviting wildberry- and cassis-notes , fine balsamic nuances , delicate liquorice , some graphite and dark minerality. Juicy , ripe cherries , hints of oranges , well-integrated tannins, fresh acidity arc , sweet extracts. Mineraly - salty and full of finesse in the finish. Perfect balance with very good potential.

Hand picking September 30th, 2013 , pre-selection in the vineyard , additional selection on the sorting belt, processing according to the principle of gravity without pump. 25 days spontaneous fermentation in open wooden barrels, manual immersion , 32 months aging in 600 liter barrels , bottling June 23rd 2015 , only after further 3 months of ripening in the bottle this wine will be for sale.

Vol. Alc. 13,5 | RZ 1,0 | Säure 5,1

'Zwergsberg' (Dwarf Mountain) is a single location on the Goldberg in Reisenberg. The name comes from a vineyard which consisted solely of short rows – therefore: ‘dwarf mountain’. The exposed top location consists of loess soil with lime- iron- and water-permeable clay layers. The wines from Zwergsberg always fascinate us with their delicate elegance and simultaneous complexity.

Only in years with particularly favorable weather conditions, we press the grapes for this special reserve wine. Therefore, there is not very much of it (sorry friends !) ;- )